About us

Transform e.V. – Centre for conflict engagement and political development is guided by the idea that reliable information on the origins, evolution and consequences of political, economic, and cultural conflicts must replace antagonistic speech and polemical dispute. Distortions of thought created by angst, bigotry, hyper-nationalism, jingoism, xenophobia, racism and other ideological pathologies disrupt our capacity to communicate effectively with friends and foes alike. They prevent us from seeing and engaging with conflict and from seeing it not only as a destructive force but also as an opportunity for positive structural social change

Transform believes in the capacity of groups to eventually find sustainable solutions even to the deepest levels of conflict; and that such solutions are more likely to be achieved through a process of long-term transformational change than by expedient short-term compromise.

Transform is committed to promoting political, economic and cultural development, inter-national and inter-communal tolerance and understanding, and the values of scientific rigour and ideological reflexivity in general and in dealing with conflict, in particular. We reflect this commitment in limited fields of activity and through long-term programmes of action. The aim is not to change the world but to demonstrate, through innovative research and models of intervention, that alternative solutions to some of the world’s social dilemmas could be found by those who care to systematically search for them, and that such solutions are feasible and desirable.

Transform was formally registered in Berlin, Germany, in 2007. But its founders and associates, from the United States, Europe and the Middle East, have been collaborating since 2003. In its own structure and all of its work, Transform strives towards gender and youth mainstreaming.

For more information please explore the other pages on this website. For inquires and to explore possibilities of how you can be involved, contact info@transform-centre.org.