For us in Transform, facilitation is not just a technique. It is a type of leadership, an approach to effective governance, a key to building successful organizations, a philosophy and a moral responsibility. A facilitator is not someone who is bringing knowledge from outside to a group. A facilitator is someone who must always assume that the group has the best knowledge about its vision, its own contradictions and what it takes to overcome them. The task of the facilitator is to ensure that the group communicates effectively in order to engage in collective analysis of their situations, to reach agreements on the way forward, to resolve their internal conflicts, to build successful partnerships with other groups and to explore and embrace the possibilities inherent in a constantly changing environment. The facilitator is not someone who has answers but someone who knows how to ask the right questions in order for the group to come up with its own best possible answers.

Over the last years, we have offered our services as facilitators for many different types of groups: Macedonian members of parliament, high-level Israeli and Palestinian politicians and civil society leaders, members of the Tunisian Constituent Assembly, Egyptian revolutionary youth and disenfranchised migrants in Berlin.

Facilitation is not just a job. For us, it is a vocation, and some of our facilitation work is done on voluntary or actual-cost basis. If needs be, we do not hesitate to make long-term commitments to the groups we decide to work with.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel we could be of some service to you or your group.