Method Development

Method Development

Transform works mainly with the >Kumi Method<,  a method that has been specially developed to accompany transformative changes in a variety of (conflict ) contexts.

However, the Kumi method is not a definitive method, which is applied at all levels of conflict and in all regions equally. It is characterized by a high flexibility and is in a continuous process of development. The method consists of various instruments and modules, ranging from conflict analysis to conflict mediation to effective and collective organization. Depending on the work demanded the modules and instruments are used separately or applied together. This would especially help in adapting the method and its modules to specific conflicts and conflict contexts . Therefore, we are constantly interested in new modules and instruments, such as from the psychology of communication or forum theater.
Our current areas of work are:

  •     Development of a handbook for trainers and Kumi -organizers
  •     Establishment of a Kumi Academy for further and academical methods development
  •     Kumi network development in and outside Europe

Our projects:

  •      Building a European Network of Facilitators