Community Cohesion


Promoting cohesion within a community, whether in an organization or in public facilities, in communities, cities or regions is a major focus of our work.

We support communities to promote the active participation and participation of ALL as well as to replace structural and political obstacles, prejudices and stereotypes and the exclusion that follows, with a culture of recognition and cohesion.

One way to do this is by offering structured group processes in which those who are detained in the dynamics of conflict can engage in meaningful exchange  on the causes of their conflict and then develop creative solutions and alternatives that they can implement together.

In our work we try to develop projects through partnerships with like-minded organizations. Our focus is on the following levels:

  • Formation of coalitions for an equitable society
  • Promoting and strengthening self-determination
  • Empowerment of disadvantaged minorities

Our projects:

  • “Violence prevention Droryplatz”, Berlin-Neukölln
  • In planning stage: (think globally – act locally against Islamophobia and Racism): Europe as a Shared Society