Conflict Engagement


In a deep, long-lasting conflict it is important for groups to learn how to engage these instances of ongoing strife, to bring them to the surface, study them, and generally begin to view them as opportunities for moral growth and social change. Engaging (intractable) conflict provides an opportunity for self-study, which will eventually enable the design of new behavior and strategies and to implement plans for structural change. People need to look at a conflict with new eyes, change the common perception of it from a destructive burden to a creative possibility. Thinking differently about conflict is a prerequisite for acting differently in order to transform it. Therefore, a deep analysis is needed of conflict, its causes, the culture and ideology which legitimize it and the institutions and other social structures which perpetuate it.

Our projects:

  • Israel/Palestine: Beyond Managing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Demonstrating the Effectiveness of a Conflict-Sensitive Social Transformation Approach, 2009 – 2011