Transform providesĀ  training courses on specific modules from the Kumi method.
The courses generally include a 2-3 day course in theory with practical exercises and Co – Facilitation in one or two workshops underĀ  guidance or supervision.

Our range of training courses:

Group Facilitation Method – A 2-day basic course to learn the basis of group facilitation and how to engage groups in meaningful and useful conversations and finding decisions all group members can relate to.

Strategic Action Planning – A 2- day course in which a very practical and effective method is taught for the creation of an action plan , which will be carried out in a very participatory way. The workshop will provide useful tools for working with active groups.

Effective Organization : A 3- day course to learn how to accommodate groups or teams to work more effectively , to overcome their differences and to create a common organizational planning.

Kumi Method – a 2-day introductory course on the Kumi method , its steps, its strengths and capacities, an overview of when the method can be usefully applied , and experiences and lessons learned from previousĀ  Kumi workshops.

In case you are interested in a training course please contact us.